With No Model X Available Yet, Tesla Urges Buyers Toward Model S

Tesla Motors introduced the prototype for their 2015 Model X crossover a couple years ago. The automobile is the company’s third all-electric model after the Roadster and the Model S sedan. It is said to be much more versatile and family friendly and will go on sale in early 2015.

It’s already late into 2014, but there isn’t much information about the Model X, which is already very delayed. This is why there is a move by the company to persuade customers very much willing to put a downpayment for the Model X to purchase the Model S instead.


There already is a very long list of customers who want the Model X electric crossover. Reports vary on the actual number, but one says that more than 20,000 deposits have been placed. As this number continues to grow, Tesla is trying to shift customers to the X’s predecessor instead.


The Model X actually looks much like the Model S, but it looks more stretched vertically. Elements such as the grille, headlights, taillights and general contours look very similar to the sedan. Even when it comes to the dashboard, both models are nearly identical.

That said, there are differences too – a set of rear “falcon wing” doors as well as a third row of forward-facing seats.


During the 2014 Q2 earnings announcement of Tesla last August, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk said that there are no Model X cars available for a test drive. He added that there is no information regarding the vehicles in their stores because they are only selling Model S sedans. Musk added, “if somebody comes in who wants to buy the X, we try to convince them to buy the S.”

Musk also stated that although they are trying to anti-sell the Model X, there is still a huge demand for it. Although Musk said they can drive demand up at will, doing so would only make people upset because they waited a long time for the car.


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