Why Women Rule in Driving School and Beyond

Men may be daredevils on the road, but it’s the ladies who have real driving smarts. An impartial instructor would confirm that the fairer sex make more apt students. As a group, they’re good listeners and are open to learning.


While guys (well, most of them) have a love affair for speed and power, women are more practical. Safety ranks high in their list of priorities. Male car enthusiasts often have the lingo and the secret handshake. Still, enthusiasm is a poor substitute for skills and knowledge.

Unfortunately, we continue to live in a world where cars were identified as “macho”. This explains the abundance of stereotypes and crude jokes.

For the remainder of this article, allow us to name the ways that females have it all figured out — on the road.

Finesse not force


Driving a car, especially a really sleek and fast one, is a joy. You can’t help but attune yourself to every detail of the experience. The soft purr of the engine and those seats made of genuine Italian leather are awesome.

While both men and women are susceptible to this infatuation, it’s the guys that fall hard. They’ll take the latest Corvette model and get into high gear. Women, being careful creatures, will be more sensitive to the vehicle’s limitations.

None of that testy testosterone


As mentioned earlier, guys are more likely to give in to the thrill of the ride. It’s testosterone that fuels their urge to go further, to take risks. In addition, it influences their entire driving attitude. Females are more calm and collected and thus, make better decisions on the road.

If you’re a red blooded male whose pals constantly tease about “driving like a girl”, smile. Knowing what you now know about lady drivers, it’s a great compliment.

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