Why Compact SUV’s are the next big thing.

By Robert Barlow

For a long time we’ve been seeing four wheel drives on the city streets, and there are good reasons why. They’re strong, safe, easy to drive and stable. However there has always been problems with the larger vehicles, a decreased manoeuvrability and a lack of fuel efficiency. All in all the 4WD’s were simply a drain on resources and wasted fuel for some features they needed, but many they didn’t. Lately this problem has been solved by a range of compact land rover SUV‘s that deliver the best of both worlds. Over the last ten years SUV’s are getting steadily more and more compact and the popularity of these smaller models will only increase popularity in the future. This is due to the fact it has significant advantages over both smaller and larger models that are useful to modern drivers.

Compact SUVs

Compact SUVs

Advantages Over Small Cars

The compact SUV delivers three advantages over the small car designs they were based on. Safety, variety, and space.

Compact SUV’s have added manoeuvrability given by extra traction, better ground clearance and better angles of approach and departure. They are outfitted with stability control and a stronger more stable frame than normal cars. This extra stability also allows for difficult terrain and light off road driving that allows drivers to move around in both developed and less developed environments. As a result drivers are never left stranded. In addition the increased size allows for drivers to seat more passengers comfortably and store more cargo, incredibly useful to drivers with families or particularly high storage needs. In a society where range and a multitude of uses are becoming necessary it’s no wonder the compact SUV’s popularity is growing.

Advantages Over SUV’s

There are also advantages over the larger SUV’s and 4WD’s on the market, advantages in efficiency, manoeuvrability and value.

The lighter frame, smaller size and small car based design of a compact SUV allows for greater efficiency for fuel and use. A compact SUV lacks the difficulties in picking up speed and moving around that larger vehicles suffer from and can build and drop speed far easier. The cars move smoother and quieter than their larger counterparts. In addition the lower requirements for power to gain speed mean that a driver can go much further on a single can of petrol than larger vehicles. In a day and age where fuel is becoming frighteningly expensive any efficiency of fuel is dollars in driver’s pockets. Compact SUV’s are more efficient, easier to drive and faster when they need to be.

Besides this the compact SUV has an image that suits with the needs of modern drivers. A slicker sportier SUV gives a picture of the driver on the go that is ready for any environment. It presents the certainty and reliability of a large car, with the comfort and feel of a small one. The best of both worlds in the truest sense and the best thing available on the market for modern drivers.

If you’re looking to get rid of your large SUV and start driving a more compact model, then you should think about all of your options carefully. If your old car is in good shape, you may be able to sell it, but that can take months and you might end up getting much less than the vehicle is worth. You’ll definitely get less than the vehicle is worth if you decide to scrap it. You can, however, make a vehicle contribution to charity. You get to help out some people or organizations in need while upgrading your vehicle.

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