Which Luxury Cars Have the Lowest Cost Maintenance?

Maintenance cost has significant impact on your ability to afford and properly care for a vehicle. But, surprisingly, it is something that many tend to ignore when choosing what car to purchase.

Costs associated with scheduled tune-ups and routine oil changes can all add up to an extremely expensive amount. This is why it is critical that you know and are aware which vehicles have high or low maintenance costs.

Hyundai Genesis 3.8

The Hyundai Genesis has a list price of $38,000 and a cost-to-own price of $56,235. These are values that put all other luxury sedans to shame.

When it comes to luxury car shopping, however, the Genesis poses the biggest hurdle which is its pedigree, Hyundai. But if you concentrate on its great level of content, passenger comfort, competent performance and well-appointed cabin, you might already get sold even without thinking about its low-cost ownership.


Audi A6

The biggest plus with the Audi A6 is its fuel economy. It has a list price of $41,700 and costs $63,595 to own. Other than that, it comes with high quality interiors: a standard triple zone automatic climate control, keyless start, 8 air bags, 10-speaker audio system and a 211-HP engine. Loaded with lots of luxury amenities, the A6 is sporty and fun to drive, making it a great choice among the larger luxury car options.


Jaguar XF

Jaguar has long been in fame for designing some of the most attractive automobiles in the world and the Jaguar XF forms part of the heritage.

Equipped with a 385-HP V8 engine and standard features as leather seating, dual-zone auto climate control, 8 air bags, 10-speaker audio system and a navigation system, the Jaguar XF has a list price of $53,000 and a cost-to-own price of $80,552. It doesn’t only boast tradition but more importantly, value as well.


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