What’s a Light Utility Vehicle or LUV?

A light utility vehicle or LUV was first conceptualized for the military. It was a small jeep with four-wheel drive feature, shorter and lighter than most military trucks. It can carry up to four passengers over various types of terrain.

Anyway, there are new models of cars today that are categorized into the LUV sector. They are more like cross breeds of a car and a sports utility vehicle, with at least four-person capacity. Its look and feel is like that of a hatchback with a taller and longer body. The front hood is that of a sedan, and the driving experience is smooth and easy like smaller cars.


LUVs are light utility vehicles because they don’t have the strength of the engines found in most SUVs or luxury cars. They only have 1.5 cc displacement engine, and are primarily designed for city driving and occasional country weekends.

Being more spacious than a sedan, an LUV can be the better alternative for a family car, especially when there are budget constraints. They notably have compartments on the door sides and rear seats can fold down to make room for more luggage when need be.


The seating capacity maybe up to seven small people, and this can have a toll on the relatively small engine, but doesn’t pose maneuverability issues when driven on smooth terrain. It can’t be very cozy and comfortable, as there could be limited leg room, but when all you care about is a good company while driving, then it doesn’t matter.

LUVs doesn’t have default fancy fittings and accessories. It’s very basic actually. But there is always the option of paying for the fancy stuff that you’d otherwise not need, especially when it’s going to be a family car. Well, a leather seat can’t be appealing anymore when there’s vomit or gum on it, right?


At any rate, budget-wise, capacity-wise and maneuverability-wise, an LUV is pretty much a great alternative to any sedan or hatchback. It can also be wise upgrade from a small car when the family starts getting bigger, or when you begin taking those weekend camping in the suburbia.

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