What Women Want in Cars

For most men, a car is an extension of their personality, a status symbol. The faster and more powerful it is, the better. But a new study revealed that a man who wants to impress a woman would have to change his car preference. Apparently, what women find sexy is a man who drives a practical vehicle. So the popular advice to men these days, ditch the fast cars and opt for something sensible.


Women, on the other hand, are partial to certain car features. If they don’t find them in one model, they’d probably pass it up. What are they?

Better cruise control


Can you imagine driving while applying make-up at the same time, it’s such a hassle and hazardous, too. This is why a better cruise control, preferably adaptive, would be most appreciated. Don’t even bother to ask why make-up application has to be done while on the road. It’s just the way things are with most women.

Better seat belt


It’s really unflattering how seat belts make women’s chest look slightly flat and smushed. In some occasions, it can be suffocating. Let’s just hope car manufacturers would find a way to make seat belts that maintain safety and beauty.

Adjustable brake and accelerator pedals

Stiletto heels vary in height and pedals should adapt accordingly, so it’s easy to drive, accelerate and stop a car. Adjustable pedals will also help ensure women’s heels stay in mint condition after driving for hours.

Lots of room


You’ll know a woman owns a bag if it’s filled to capacity and comes with another bag that looks exactly the same. Most women bring almost everything they own when they go out, which requires a lot of room. If the trunk won’t suffice, there should be more space left inside the car. What women prefer in a car may seem ridiculous, but car manufacturers are beginning to understand how to impress female clients. It is even believed that future cars might be designed for women only.

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