What to Look For In a Pick-Up Truck

Cars and small vans have long been used commercially for transporting people or carrying small packages and other cargo, but there are many situations where something more purpose built needs to be considered.

What to Look For In a Pick-Up Truck

What to Look For In a Pick-Up Truck

This is why pick-up trucks have become so popular in the UK in recent years, because the versatility and multi-use options they offer can fit the needs of so many different applications; in business as well as personally.

So what should you look for in a pick-up truck?


When it comes to vehicles that are being used for commercial purposes, reliability is key. Obviously, any vehicle usage needs to be based on the knowledge that it will be fit for purpose when you need it, but when it comes to commercial vehicles, there is an increased need to start first time and be free from breakdowns.

A long life span is also important. Great Wall uses advanced construction methods in the manufacture their pick-ups which includes a rust-proofed chassis and galvanised panels.

This means that a vehicle will have a long working life with minimal maintenance.

Form factor

A pick-up differs from a traditional enclosed-back van because it has an open bed design that makes it far more versatile in many different loading and unloading situations.

In small or constricted spaces, the ability to load cargo from any side of the vehicle as opposed to just through the back doors can be a really important capability. As well as having a construction and build quality that makes them perfect for hard work, pick-ups also have a cab that offers a more luxurious user experience, for both driver and passengers, than that of a van or small lorry.

In fact, many vans have a cargo carrying areas that aren’t even partitioned from where the occupants are sitting. In contrast, a pick-up almost always has a cab that is a separate environment.

This means that the standard of travelling comfort is far higher in a pick-up, and in Great Wall models, there are many standard features that would only appear as expensive extras elsewhere.


High end cars and SUVs have modern safety systems such as twin air bags, anti-lock braking system and electronic brake force distribution as standard but many vehicles aimed at the commercial sector can be found lacking.

The latest pick-ups have an even higher level of concern for user safety, meaning many of these features come as standard.

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