What fault is your car likely to have?

Worn out brake discs and suspension ball joints, leakage of engine lubricating oil or hydraulic fluid, broken gearbox, the deterioration of the address or simply repeated failures of lamps for lighting, battery or electrical system failures are the main reasons many cars often go to the garage. Breakdown cover from the AA handles all of these problems but which cars are the ones most likely to exhibit which issue?

Although these failures affect all vehicle segments, no car is perfect given its complexity. Note that the most reliable and durable cars are usually higher segments, as evidenced by a report prepared by the company in Germany, Dekra whose ITV stations inspected every year 15 million vehicles. Finding faults affecting vehicles before buying them is key to avoiding unexpected bills but it is also important to be cautious when purchasing a newly launched vehicle.

Common breakdown cars

Common breakdown cars

But what faults are more frequent in every car?

In small models like the Fiat Panda, they tend to exhibit premature wear of the ball joints, engine oil leakage and gearbox problems. Meanwhile, the brake pads and brake discs of Peugeot 107 and the Chevrolet Matiz also wear prematurely.

In urban vehicles, engine oil leakage and imbalances in the front ball joints are a common problem such as in the Citroen C2. This also happens in the Citroën 206 where premature wear of discs and pads is another failure, while the C3 has problems in the engine control. Peugeot 207 also displays electronic control problems.

In the compact segment, to cite some examples, the Volkswagen New Beetle suffers from premature deterioration of bearings, suspension arms and rear axle bearings, along irregular wear of brake discs. The Dacia Logan tends to leak oil from the engine, gearbox and hydraulic fluid dampers while the Dacia Sandero has been recorded to show premature wear of the ball joints like the Citroën C4. Finally, Mercedes Benz Class A displays an irregular deterioration of brake discs and leaking oil dampers.

Usual breakdown

Usual breakdown

In small MPVs, the Citroën Xsara Picasso is characterized by uneven wear of the brake discs, faults in the electronic control unit and the tendency to leak power steering fluid; and Renault Modus tends to show premature deterioration of the ball joints, brake pads and discs. Meanwhile, the Kia Carens’ main problem is the rapid wear of the pads and the brake discs.

Corrosion in the body, loss of effectiveness of the braking system, the deterioration of the suspension arms and leakage in the engine are the problems that are usually exposed by Kia Carnival and the Chrysler Voyager.

Most sports cars tend to have fewer breakdowns, but also have their weaknesses. The deterioration of the bearings and ball joints of the suspension; problems with the electronic control unit; rapid wear of the brake pads and discs, the mismatch in the headlights and to a lesser extent, oil leaks. Among SUVs, the Suzuki Jimny, followed by Hyundai Santa Fe and Kia Sorento are the most problematic.

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