What Consumers Consider as the Most Disliked Car Brands of All Time

There are brands that people always choose to buy. This is because they feel confident that such brands will deliver on their promises. Then, there are also automakers that consumers tend to veer away from. When it comes to car brands, there those that owners love to hate.


This luxury brand of General Motors, scored 80 out 100. For some time now, Cadillac has struggled with satisfying its customer. Although it has launched several new models over the past few years that has been met with enthusiasm from critics and has enjoyed decent sales, it still cannot compete with the likes of Lexus and Mercedes-Benz.



A JD Power Initial Quality Study showed that Fiat is the most troublesome auto company by a wide margin. The Italian automaker is the fourth least appealing brand as it is found to have 206 problems per 100 vehicles for their 500, 500L, 500c and the electric 500e. In fact, Fiat models are not winning over its current owners.



Although BMW is quite a popular brand all over the world, recent surveys show that it is one of the least loved automakers too. However, there is no clear reason why it has been failing in the customer satisfaction department as of late. One of the possible factors that experts see as the cause for the decline in the brand’s popularity is that it requires frequent and expensive maintenance, costing owners a lot of money.



Audi has seen its sales record skyrocket in the past few years with its beautiful, sporty and sexy luxury car models. However, current owners are not actually completely satisfied with their purchases with the brand scoring 79 out of 100 points among 21 other popular automakers. Thankfully though, Audi’s parent company   found itself among the brands that customers are most satisfied with. Not all of the cars that these brands make are undesirable. Of course, you need to have discretion when choosing which car to buy.

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