Volkswagen Car Servicing in Kent – What’s Included in a Standard MOT

Getting your Volkswagen serviced regularly is important, and making sure your vehicle is fit to pass the MOT, an annual annoyance. There are few things we fear more than finding out that our VW or any other car for that matter, requires a range of repairs and then face a hefty bill for the pleasure of fixing them, but knowing what’s included in the MOT can help to relieve some of that stress associated with the test. However, first things first!  Be sure to choose a company who are trustworthy and have a good track record for Volkswagen car servicing in Kent.  Getting a service done before your MOT test is a great way for the mechanic to spot any potential failures and fix them before testing.

Below you will find all the steps that are included in a standard MOT so you can be sure your car is ready to pass first time round.

Instrument Panel

The car’s instrument panel will be checked to make sure there are no warning light alerts, the panel is illuminated and the speedometer is functioning. Note that even if the instrument panel’s glass is cracked it will not fail the MOT unless it impairs the visibility of the speedometer.

VIN Number and Registration Plates

The vehicle identification number (VIN) must be visible and complete, and the car must have both front and rear registration plates attached and clearly visible.


The steering will be tested next. The steering wheel itself must be in good condition and securely attached to the car. All bearings and the steering column are checked for excessive wear and there shouldn’t be excessive play in the steering.


Side lights and headlights will be checked for colour. Dip and full beam operation must function and aim set correctly. Brake lights, indicators and hazard lights must all be working and be the correct colour. If a high level brake light is fitted it must be functioning. Registration plate lamps must also be working appropriately.


Front doors must open from both the inside and outside. Rear doors must open from the outside and all doors including bonnet and boot must close securely.

vw beetle doors

vw beetle doors

Body Condition and Structure

The entire car will be checked for rust and corrosion. Any excessive corrosion within 30cm of safety components such as steering, braking and seat belt mountings will be deemed a failure. As will excessive corrosion that may lead to loss of control of the vehicle.


Other items that will be checked for corrosion on your Volkswagen are:

  • Battery;
  • Wiring;
  • and, Engine mount


All seating will be tested. The front seats must be secure and their forward/backwards adjustments functioning. Rear seats will be checked for security and all headrests must be present and functioning. The seat belts must all operate and lock correctly, and the condition of the webbing is also checked.


The brakes are tested on a rolling road for balance and efficiency. The footbrake and handbrake will both be tested.

Windscreen and Mirrors

Any chip or crack in the windscreen directly in front of the driver, or in the area swept by the wipers must be below 10mm in length or 40mm over the rest of the screen. Washers and wipers must all work correctly and wipers will be checked for condition. The mirrors must be secure, visible by the driver and not damaged.

Exhaust Emissions

Excessive corrosion or if any parts of the exhaust system that are missing will result in a test failure. A device will be inserted into the tailpipe to give a readout of the car’s emissions and providing they are within certain tolerances it will pass the test.

Other Items

  • If a tow bar is fitted it must be secure and not corroded.
  • The horn will be checked to make sure it sounds and it is loud enough. It must also be a single tone.
  • Suspension will be checked for excessive bounce and shock absorbers checked for leaks and security.
  • Tyres will be checked for condition and the wheels and bearings check for condition and excessive play.

    Flat tyre

    Flat tyre

Simply by keeping your car regularly maintained under one of the many service and maintenance plans offered by dealerships across the country, you’ll be keeping your Volkswagen in tip-top condition, extending its life expectancy, and you’ll avoid being surprised by unwanted repairs and additional car costs.

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