Vauxhall Adam: The city car that talks back

Remember Knight Rider? The 80s TV show which, for good or for ill, catapulted David Hasselhoff to stardom featured a talking, nearly indestructible car called KITT. We’re not claiming that the Vauxhall Adam has an A.I. personality all of its own and we’re not vouching for its ability to help you fight crime. You can now talk to it however – and have it talk back.The Vauxhall Adam (or Opel Adam elsewhere in Europe) was launched at the Paris Motor Show in 2012. Joining other fast-driving city cars in the range including the Vauxhall Agila and the evergreen Astra and Corsa, the Adam also now comes with an optional fitting (for around £275) of the innovative IntelliLink infotainment system.

Vauxhall Adam

Vauxhall Adam

This allows you to give hands-free voice commands while on the move.

The system utilises Siri Eyes Free by Apple meaning users will also need a compatible iPhone or other device running iOS 6. Current iPhone users will already be familiar with Siri, the responsive personal assistant and ‘knowledge navigator’. IntelliLink can also be used with Android devices for other functions but requires Siri Eyes Free for verbal communication.

In order to start a session, users first connect their Apple iOS device with the IntelliLink infotainment system via Bluetooth. They then press a voice activation button installed on the steering wheel and can perform a number of tasks including making a phone call, playing music, composing a message, accessing their diary or checking weather and traffic information. You can even ask for the latest football scores as you drive.

You can communicate with Siri Eyes Free in a conversational tone, without having to deliver instructions in a strangely clipped, enunciated tone as was often the case with early voice recognition software.

Siri Eyes Free will also provide spoken responses where appropriate.

As a safety feature, the device screen does not display the Siri text conversation, meaning the system is not only hands-free but truly eyes-free as well.

The IntelliLink infotainment system itself is an optional extra but Siri Eyes Free is included with all models fitted with IntelliLink.

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