Top three ways to make road trips much more exciting

Travelling for hundreds of miles on the road to get from A to B can sound daunting, but there are many ways to make a long journey much more entertaining. Incorporate these three suggestions into your next road trip and watch time fly.

 1.       Expand your music library

Switching CDs over and over again can soon get annoying, while radio signals are sure to be lost as you cross from one region to another.

Purchase an iPod adapter and you can rid yourself of both of these annoyances in an instant. After all, your iPod is filled with music that you have picked, so you shouldn’t come across a tune you don’t like during a journey, plus it will never lose signal.

make road trips much more exciting

The selection of iPod adapters available at In Car Connections are certainly worth checking out, as the systems will not only play your iPod or iPhone but charge the device you have connected too.

 2.       Take in a story

Obviously, you should not read a book while driving, but there is nothing wrong with listening to an audiobook in the same way you would a car stereo.

E-readers now offer hundreds of audio books for download, so you are only a few minutes away from having an autobiography by your favourite celebrity or an engrossing novel by a beloved author on your device.

The power of both Wi-Fi and 3G Network connectivity means that you can have a new audio book on your e-reader in the time it takes to enjoy a bite to eat at a service station.

 3.       Avoid the motorway

A motorway may well be the quickest way to get to a destination, but their designs also mean that they are very boring to drive along for hours without interruption.

When you are keying in the postcode of your hotel on your sat nav ahead of your next road trip, tell the device to avoid any motorways it tries to direct you towards.

The longer road trip is balanced by the fact that the country roads will be much more exciting to drive along. You could also end up having a rest stop at a beautiful village or town you never knew existed.

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