Top 6 Motorcycle Accessories Every Biker Should Have

Riding a motorcycle for most is an escape from the tedious daily life and an ultimate source of thrill and self-therapy. Nonetheless, it is an economical and affordable source of traveling. If you are a motorbike enthusiast and riding is more of a leisure pursuit, regardless of the kind of motorcycle you possess, there are certain accessories you must have for a better and safer riding experience.

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 Be it a cruiser, or a sports motorbike, just when you think you have everything for your street bike, it’s time to reconsider and make a short checklist. Apart from normal motorbike accessories such as LED-equipped lights, heated clothing, and motorbike covers, here are the top 6 most essential motorcycle accessories we selected just for you.

1. Riding Gear

Even though riding is a pleasurable experience, it could be hazardous without a proper riding gear. A typical riding gear consists of top quality helmets, a jacket, gloves and boots, and this gear is a must have for every new and old biker. As it is going to serve as a protection and would be a part of your every motorcycle journey, make sure you buy a good and durable quality gear. We would suggest Alpinestars Motorcycle Riding Gear, which comprises of top quality accessories especially jackets. Buy the best Alpinestars jacket which suits your motorcycle and journey.

2. Motorcycle Luggage

No matter what kind of motorcycle you own, there is always a need and room for motorcycle luggage. As owning a motorcycle challenges long hikes and trips, which ever may be the case, a motorcycle luggage always comes in handy. Ranging from hard, soft to dry, it is always wise to buy one for keeping valuables like gears, safety kits, tools, eatables, drinks, and all the essentials for your trip.

4. Crash Protection

As crashing a motorbike could be an expensive affair, it is always sensible to have crash protection. You can minimize crash effects by using crash protective accessories, such as, frame sliders, bar ends, bark busters, rear sets, front axle sliders, swimgarm spools/spiders, and engine covers. Spending on crash protection is cheaper and much worthwhile than replacing or renovating a crashed motorbike, as it protects your motorcycle from damage resulting from moderate to low-speed slides or tip overs.

5. Security Systems

As motorcycles are much easier to steal than cars, it is mandatory to have a security system installed. Motorcycle security systems range from locks to complicated electronic alarms. A good security system would give you the ultimate peace of mind and diminish the fear of being a victim to motorbike thievery. The different types of security systems you could use for your motorcycle include motorbike alarms, immobilizers and motorbike locks. It is always sensible to make use of two or more locks in addition to your motorbikes built-in locks. Alarm disk lock, U-lock and asymmetrical chains could be used together for better security and protection of your motorcycle.

  1. Covers

Last but not least, a motorbike cover is must to protect your motorbike from dust, dirt, rain, UV rays, and other such elements. Although it’s not an alternative to safety a garage offers, motorbike covers help in securing your motorbike from thieves by making it less noticeable and attractive. Ranging from lightweight breathable covers to harsh motorbike covers, buying one is always worth the cost.

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