Top 3 Cars of 2014

We are just a few weeks shy of bidding 2014 goodbye, and while the year isn’t over yet, the automobile industry is buzzing about the cars set to be unveiled in the coming year. Car enthusiasts can expect new models in the next two years such as the Alfa Romeo Giulia, the Bentley Grand Convertible and the Vauxhall Astra. Of course, new launches from names such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz are also to be expected.

So, before we welcome the new year with new vehicles, here’s a look back at the best cars of 2014:


Tesla Model S

Put simply, this electric luxury car is a wonder. Almost everything about it can be praised – acceleration, handling and versatile cabin (which allows a small third-row seat to be fitted). But all these features are just the stick of the rocket as what’s really impressive about the Tesla Model S is it’s technological capabilities.

With a 17-inch touch screen that controls most functions, keyless operation, full internet access and zero-emission driving experience, it’s enough to say that this model gives you a look at a future where cars and computers operate in harmony.

Subaru Forester

The Forester tops the list of small SUVs featured this year largely in part to its redesign. The car is a user-friendly machine that features space-efficient design with large windows and doors providing easy access and visibility. With roomy seats, simple controls and a great driving position, it’s no wonder why this vehicle is one of the year’s best.


Honda Accord (4 cylinder)

When it comes to mid-sized sedans, what more do you want than a spacious, well-equipped and competitively priced vehicle? In other words, the four-cylinder Honda Accord ticks the box in many categories.

Other notable vehicles for the year include the Subaru Impreza, Hyundai Santa Fe, Toyota Prius, Ram 1500, Audi A6, BMW 328i and Honda Odyssey. That said, here’s to 2015 and beyond!


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