Three Steps to Transporting a Classic Car

Classic cars are prized possessions to be treasured and looked after. But unlike antiques you keep safely locked away in a display cabinet, your prestige marque may still be out there on the roads, or shipped from place to place to take part in rallies and shows.

If you are wanting to show off your pride and enjoy at any kind of event, there are good reasons for choosing a transport option rather than driving it. This avoids the risk of mechanical breakdown, and lessens the risk of scrapes and scratches which could spoil the pristine condition you’ve worked tirelessly to get it in ready for the big day.

If you are new to vehicle transporting, here are the three key steps to getting your classic car to where you want it to be from specialist transportation and storage professionals at Apex in Colchester, Essex.

Choose your mode of transport

There are various types of truck and trailer used to transport cars. One of the key choices is to decide whether to go for enclosed or open transport. For single cars, open options tend to be flatbed wheeled trailers. For closed, you can get either detached caravan-like trailers or lorries with the cargo bed converted to carry cars. For a classic car, one of your prime concerns – and perhaps a reason not to drive it to your destination – is to minimise the risk of damage during transit. Enclosed options protect your car from potential scratches from debris on the road and also from the effect of the elements, ensuring it reaches your destination with the paintwork in as good a shape as it set off in.

Prepare your car

Your vehicle will transport more safely the lighter it is, so empty it of all belongings and run down the fuel – leaving yourself enough if you intend to drive it at the other end, of course. Your car is bound to jostle a bit during the journey, so disable the alarm, as movement on the road could be enough to set it off. Check the tyre pressure and inflate to the manufacturer’s standard recommended settings. Again, any movement in transit could make your tyres rub a little, and soft tyres might damage more easily.

Double check insurance

Car transport companies should be fully insured for all vehicles they take on, but it is worth asking for documentary evidence just to be sure your car is protected. You should also check with your own insurance company to find out whether your policy covers you in any way during transportation, just as an extra back up.

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