The Mercedes-Benz S-Class Sedan and Its Autonomous Driving Features

When Mercedes-Benz introduced its newest package of Intelligent Drive safety and driving assistance systems, it signaled spark for the rest of the automobile industry. With the 2014 S-class Sedan, the most advanced production vehicle today, Mercedes-Benz is expected to remain on top of the competition in the coming years.

The most advanced feature the vehicle comes with, which Mercedes-Benz is undoubtedly most proud of, is the traffic-jam assist which they designed for times of traffic congestion. This feature allows the driver to let his car steer, brake and accelerate on its own at a speed below 37mph. This is one feature a lot of automobile rivals have been trying to get their hands on.


The Intelligent Drive also includes systems designed to help prevent and avoid collisions. It has an animal and pedestrian recognition feature, parking assistance, distance control, crosswind stabilization, lane keeping, and night vision. It also has suspension that can automatically adjust before the automobile hits road imperfections.


Mercedes-Benz employs technologies that work with 6 radar and 12 ultrasonic sensors. This comes along with 8 cameras that can monitor the car in full 360 degrees. Data from cameras and sensors are all collected into a control unit. The control unit then combines the inputs to churn the algorithms necessary to spit out the vehicle commands. All these is done in less than one second. Amazing? Definitely.


The system has been first made available for the S-class sedan as a $2,800-worth option. However, it can also be installed on the 2014 re-engineered E-class lineup. It is expected that the technology will trickle to the 2015 C-class sedan which will be released in fall. Mercedes Benz has also made available a few of the features on their B-class Electric Drive which they released recently.

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