The 4 Types of Car Filters: What You Should Know

Whether you’re driving your car gently on some quiet backroads or stepping on the pedal amidst a bustling city, the importance of your car filters cannot be ignored. Car filters are vital to your car and are critical components that shouldn’t be ignored. Driving causes disruptive and potentially dangerous particles in the air. This can damage the vehicle’s occupants and the engine itself as well. If you don’t check on and replace your car filters frequently, this can damage your car. Be sure to not get into bad habits that will injure your and your vehicle’s health over time.

Keep reading here on to find out the different types of car filters and how you can use them to keep your car safe for usage.

Air Filters

The air filter for the engine is there to flush out any impurities in the fuel that the engine takes in for combustion. As a result, this helps to better operate the overall combustion cycle, ensuring the engine is working correctly. Anything that directly influences the cycle of combustion like this often has a direct impact on the vehicle’s fuel-efficiency.

There is no fixed time for air filter adjustments. Though you should ideally swap it out at least once a year. Although it does rely heavily on how clean an atmosphere is, if there is low pollution or negligible dust rates in your area, changing the filter out annually is fine. When you are driving in an area where these rates are higher, it is important to change the filter more frequently.

Cabin Air Filters

While the majority of the filters are based on improving the vehicle’s safety, this one is purely for your personal benefit. The same particles which are filtered out of the engine system are filtered out of the cabin as well. This cabin air filter functions much like the engine air filter and absorbs any particles of dust or pollen floating in the air around it.

Just as you would with the engine air filter, you should replace this filter at least once in a year. You would need to replace it more frequently if you live or drive in a super polluted area and stuff is constantly choking up the filter.

Oil/Fuel Filters

Now we can discuss liquid filters. The oil filter and fuel filter are built more comprehensively, but they perform the same essential function. However, the oil filter is even more critical to your engine life than the air filter for the exhaust, and has an even greater effect on your vehicle’s efficiency.

There are a great many parts working together inside the engine. As a consequence of normal wear and tear, things like small shavings of metal can build up and obstruct part flow, and end up in the oil pan. The metal shavings will come with it as the oil is cycled back in, thus potentially damaging the engine. Here’s where the oil filter comes in.

It’s important to change your oil filter on a very regular basis. You should replace the oil filter every time you get your oil changed.

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