Star spotting in a Maserati

Celebrities often complain about their lack of privacy. How they find it impossible to go about their daily business without being followed by paparazzi or unscrupulous journalists trying to cash in by getting a scoop. In spite of this many choose to drive around in not so subtle cars. From sporty supercars to luxurious classics, celebrities like to make a statement when it comes to driving.

It’s not surprising then that the Maserati is a celeb favourite, with its distinctive Italian styling, sporty exterior and high performance a Maserati has all the glamour and personality that celebrities crave.

Maserati Miley

Maserati Miley

Their love of the Italian sports car was brought to the world’s attention most recently when it was revealed that teen pop sensation Miley Cyrus had hers stolen after a burglary on her home. Thieves made off with her Maserati Quattroporte as well as an unspecified amount of jewellery in a daring raid on her property. Luckily Miley was reunited with her pride and joy soon after as the thieves abandoned it a short distance away.

Miley is not the only pop princess that can be found behind the wheel of a Maserati. Britney Spears is also a fan; the womanizer star owns a black Gran Turisimo worth $150,000, and it doesn’t stop there; Kylie Minogue owns an almost identical model. Since its launch at the Geneva Motor show in 2008 the Gran Turisimo has established itself as a firm favourite among celebrities.

James Martin's Maserati

James Martin’s Maserati

Other celebs to have caught the Gran Turisimo bug include the actress Vanessa Williams who is renowned for her exquisite taste in cars, TV chef James Martin and fashion designer Marc Jacobs. Supermodel and racing car enthusiast Jodie Kidd also owns one, known for her passion for fast cars Jodie famously broke the fastest time lap on Top Gears ‘star in a reasonably priced car’ in 2008, a record she held onto for some time.



Hollywood legend Anthony Hopkins has had a long history of owning the Maserati and is a known enthusiast of the manufacturer. So just what is it about the Italian sports car that attracts so many celebrities? There’s no doubting that there’s something special about a Maserati, their elegance, style, performance and heritage set them apart from the average sports car. If you’ve ever fancied owning one yourself check out the range at HR Owen, it may not be as out of reach as you think and before long you could be joining the ranks of the glitterati.

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