Picking the Car That’s Right for Your Family

When you have a family, you’re going to think differently about a car. A family car is more than just a means of transport. It is practically an extension of your home. This is especially true if you and your family are avid road trippers.

Five Qualities to Look for in a Family Car

1. A Family Car Should Have Ample Safety Features – Now that little ones are coming along, you need to put importance on safety. Pick a car that excels in safety features.

2. A Family Car Should be Spacious Enough – Consider the size of your family, including pets. Also, provide space for things such as school materials, grocery bags and sports equipment.


3. A Family Car Should be Easy to Drive – You can’t risk driving a vehicle that’s difficult to maneuver. The car you choose should smoothly glide along your usual routes and cater to your daily transport needs.

4. A Family Car Should be the Best Option – After you have considered safety, space, and ease of drive, narrow down your choices to two or three units, and then choose the one that’s cut above from the rest.

5. A Family Car Should be Priced Just Right – Always choose necessary features over extra features. That’s the reason why they are called extra in the first place. Not all cars are priced within your budget, but there’s definitely one that is perfect for you and your family.


Five Cars to Consider for Your Family

These cars have perky features for your family and are priced below $30,000.

1. Jeep Compass ($19,295) features UConnect System and ample data storage for your kids’ entertainment needs. It also has cup holders, swing-down speakers, and multipurpose lamp.

2. TOYOTA PRIUS C ($18,950) can take you a long way with its 53 mpg on the highway. Also features Smart Key System for remotely opening and closing doors.

3. CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY ($29,995) has consistently topped the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for 10 years now. Apart from being spacious, this car is a safe as safe can be.

4. HONDA ACCORD ($21,840)is packed with family-friendly features like SMS functions, huge trunk, and ample legroom.

5. FORD EDGE ($27,525) features easy adjust of backseat through the trunk button. With ample backseat legroom, 2 USB ports and Blind Spot Information System, this car is indeed family friendly.


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