People Want to See the Masterplan behind Tesla’s New Technology

After the informal announcement made by Elon Musk, Tesla Motors CEO, on Twitter that the company will release a Tesla masterplan, many people began to ponder about its impact. Thus, it became a sensation that caused many netizens to react. Here is a list of what they would want to see in this alleged Tesla masterplan.

Focus More on New Safety Features

After the reported death of a Tesla car owner who just wanted to test its maneuverability, people began to wonder if it will still be possible to focus their next innovation to safety instead. In fact, many suggested that future vehicles need to have next-generation standards, such as the use of safer airbags when it senses that autopilot is about to fail. Moreover, they would like to witness upgrades to the emergency lighting and seatbelts. This will make it much easier to understand the problem about your vehicle.Tesla 1

Cars Intended for Middle Class

The problem that the middle class people are worried about is the price range of future cars developed by Tesla. Unless these people would have a considerable amount of disposable income, the consumer base can be a bit way off. It’s no wonder the more affordable Tesla 3 is highly anticipated. Hence, the creation of this type of car will be able to create a bigger push for renewable resources as the main process in powering vehicles.Tesla 2

Introduction of New Car Designs

Designing sedans having four doors is not Tesla’s strongest point, but it can make a difference if they can have new forms up its sleeve. If they are not very fond of creating sedans, they can at least attract drivers by building a wider range of vehicle forms. Thus, they could attract families, parents, and people who need huge trunks. Imagine the possibilities when they have a lineup of vehicles intended for every person.

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