Party Concept Car for Millenials – Deep Orange 5

What’s the latest concept car to come out of the woodwork this week? Students of Clemson University’s International Center for Automotive Research partnered with General Motors and brought to life the concept car for millenials – the Deep Orange 5.

The vehicle is a stylish marriage between a car and a party venue. Designed for ‘young adults in mega cities’, it has double-hinged doors that open out much like doors at night clubs. Reversible seats are easily accessible to instantly create a social space.


Leading the Deep Orange program is Paul Venhovens and he succinctly summed up the main drive behind this concept car, “it is about creating a better value proposition for young adults that have little money to spare, less interest in vehicle ownership than previous generations, yet need a personal mobility solution that aligns with their complex lifestyle.”

Whether you want an efficient mode of transport to get you from point A to point B or you want to paint the town red with your friends and have a lounge that goes with you wherever – the Deep Orange 5 aims to please. Adding to its chill image are the several digital displays that allows everyone in the car to watch separate outputs and even post messages.


The concept car is not just all about parties and fun though as it is planned to be a light transport. Carbon fiber body is used to make it zip around city streets faster. Further, the students made way for a natural gas engine in the chassis area with the goal of making the car more environmentally friendly.


The chair of the California Art Center College Design’s Transportation Design, Stewart Reed, shared that the students got deeply involved with the project. According to him, “they really immersed themselves into the personas of youth living in urban settings while designing this vehicle.”

It isn’t certain if GM will give the green light for the active production of Deep Orange 5, but there are many features of the concept car that the General Motors liked and would most likely take on board.

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