Manual Transmission versus Automatic Transmission – Take Your Pick

As far as old versus new in cars is concerned, there is a debate as to what to choose: manual transmission or automatic. Some car editors and collectors say that automatic transmission strips drivers the engagement they so deserve, while others favor automatic cars for a smoother ride.

Automatic Transmission


Easy Drive – Automatic cars provide easier rides from one point to the next. If drives require constant gear changes, drivers using manual transmission vehicles will definitely feel the pressure.

First-Time Drivers – Most newbie drivers find it much easier to pass the driving test if they use automatic cars. The simplicity of automatic transmission vehicles makes it the quickest option for learner drivers. Nevertheless, fees for driving lessons are higher for automatic cars than manual cars.

Safer Ride – Because there is no need to change gears, both hands can be kept on the steering wheel, making automatic vehicles a much safer alternative.

Manual Transmission

Cost-Effective – Manual vehicles are much cheaper than automatics. The complexities of automatic transmission make it more costly to design and manufacture. For this reason, there are usually more manual cars than automatic cars, and the rarity adds up to the price.


Dual License – Having a license to drive manual cars automatically entitles one to drive automatic cars. On the other hand, a license for automatic cars prohibits driving manual cars, and one should pass driving test for manual cars in order to drive them on public roads.

Courtesy Cars – When your car breaks down, most courtesy cars provided by repair shops are manual vehicles. You cannot enjoy this privilege if you only know how to drive automatic cars or your license is for automatic cars only.


Cars with manual transmission are crude and pure, and some drivers like their rides that way, and cannot care less about whether their favorite rattletrap has any real value or not so long as it gives them the thrill on the road – changing gears and controlling clutches. But for new car drivers and those who value safety and simpler maneuverability, automatic vehicles are the obvious choice.

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