Make Importing a Classic Car Easy-Breezy

There’s a myriad of classic cars that collectors would love to get their hands on, but due to regulations, taxes and perhaps, availability, they just can’t have them. But, there’s also a vast amount of slicker and more beautiful rides that you can easily bring over stateside.

The car has to be older than 25 years.

If the classic automobile you’ve been eyeing on was originally manufactured more than 25 years ago, then you’re lucky. This is the first box you’ll be checking off on the standard importation form. But be sure to have any documentation to prove this.


The car needs to be federalized.

You will need to seek help from a registered importer (RI) to bring the 1975 Jaguar XJS, 1959 Cadillac or 1969 Ford Boss 302 Mustang to the United States. This is to prove that the vehicle is close enough to another vehicle that it can be safely and completely brought into the country without violating any safety and environmental regulations. But if the automobile you are planning to bring here is already eligible for importation, then this step won’t be necessary.

Triumph Spitfire Mk3, TR3 and other classic cars

The car needs to be shipped for show or display purposes only.

This means that the car shouldn’t be originally for sale in the US, a one-off special, currently in production or was mass produced. You will also need to prove that your classic Mercedes-Benz, Volvo or BMW has immense technological or historical importance that the public will want to show or display it in the country.


Another important requirement to be able to ship a vintage automobile here in the U.S. is that it has to meet pollution standards.

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