Looking for off-road thrills? Here’s where to go

You want off-road excitement? You want the thrill of mud splattering on 4X4s as they career through dirt tracks and narrowly avoid ditches and troughs? You want the most extreme automotive experiences of your lifetime?

off-road thrills

Then you’re reading the right article.

We’ve collected the most exciting vehicular fun you can have on two wheels, four wheels and no wheels to get your blood pumping, your heart in your mouth and your adrenaline on overdrive.

So, have a look and feel the rush of the extreme.

Two-wheeled wonders

You might not think of Segways as the most exciting day out, but then you haven’t experienced any Segway adventure days.

Taking place in Chepstow quarry, you’ll spend a day with these two-wheeled wonders trekking along gravel tracks, racing against your mates or striking out on a time trial of your own.

The guys over at Segway Active have pioneered the idea of this extreme day out – so book a place before it hits the big time.

4×4 fantastic fun

Up and down the country, you can head off-road in the latest Land Rover and revel in the exhilarating feeling of your foot on the accelerate pedal. Almost any adventure resort can offer you this thrill and, provided you have a driving license, doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Whether you want to race around a mud track or set a new personal best on a racetrack, a quick Google will lead you to hundreds of great sites.

Tanks for the entertainment

How cool are tanks? The answer to that, obviously, is that they’re the coolest thing ever!

They’re cooler than the Fonz kicking a jukebox into life before rocketing off in his Harley with a beautiful broad on his back. They’re cooler than an indie hipster describing a band he’s just heard to a fascinated Keith Richards.

Which is why driving a tank is the coolest thing imaginable. But is there anything cooler than a tank? Yup – tank paintball.

A competitive game of cat and mouse between two tanks, tank paintball is the only day out that will let you fire the equivalent of a Dulux paint can at the chassis of a tank.

As you career through a disused military base in Southfields farm, you’ll learn about tactical advantages, manoeuvrability and gain the perfect aim needed for a tank. Can you think of anything better?

Rally the troops

Rally cars are uniquely brilliant – and you don’t have to be Colin McCrae to drive one.

A day in a rally car (under the tutelage of professional drivers) can be a wild ride of thrills, spills – and hopefully no crashes!

Ultimately, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the extreme driving fun to be had – so get hunting for the perfect off-road experience.

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