Little Known Ways You’re Ruining Your Car

You are most likely well aware of some common things that could ruin your car and its resale value. These include waiting until your fuel tank becomes empty before you refuel, not changing the oil after a certain number of miles and not taking it to the mechanic for a routine check-up. Then, there are those little things that could cause major damage but you probably don’t know they could. If you want to make sure that you get the best trade-in value for your vehicle, take a look at this list.

You only fill your radiator with water.

Filling your radiator with water on a regular basis is not wrong. But if it’s the only thing that you fill the radiator with, then you are contributing to your sedan or convertible’s early demise. Untreated water could freeze in the winter or boil during summer, causing havoc in the process. Your vehicle’s manual would tell you to use a 50/50 mix of coolant and water.


You immediately drive away before your vehicle gets warm enough.

Think of your pickup or coupe as a machine made up of different mechanical and electrical parts, all of which are made to operate within a certain temperature range. If you start your car and drive away immediately, you are putting a lot of stress on all those components. If you have a new car model, wait at least a minute before driving off. For older cars, wait a bit longer, like three to five minutes.


You are using the wrong oil.

The oil’s viscosity plays a crucial role in how it will effectively do its job. Every engine is designed to work with a specific thickness, so if you fill your Mercedes-Benz or Honda with the wrong one, it will have a huge impact on its handling and overall performance. Always follow what the owner’s manual recommends, not what your friends tell you.


You wait until the little problems become major ones.

Not fixing the small problems that your ride may be spewing the past week could lead to bigger and more expensive problems. For example, worn out shock absorbers affect the bushings which will eventually wear out the tires and decrease stability.

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