Lexus NX Compact SUV Unveiled

Lexus sat idly as the Compact SUV concept took off in the last few years. The Japanese luxury marque’s LX range is their very late entry into this booming market segment. The Lexus has a reputation for older clientele and this contemporary looking, style-focused SUV is hoping to attract a much younger demographic with a taste for indulgence.

Hard-bodied and chiseled, the new Lexus NX Compact models see an expansive grille and gull wing-like headlamps dominate the front. Spurred day-lamps dot the underside of the headlights. Rigid, bold angles carve themselves into its wide-screened back. It’s got a taller stance compared to other mid-sized vehicles, and that’s no surprise here. Lexus’ new, bold approach may entice the young family or frequent holiday maker into splashing out on something with such an obvious luxury pedigree.

Lexus NX rear

Lexus NX rear

There’ll be two variants of the NX, the 200t petrol version and the 300h hybrid version, both coming with a six-step continuously variable automatic (CVT). The 200t will feature a turbo-charged 2L, four cylinder that outputs 175kW, with a choice of two or all-four drive.The engineering is impressive, but the real technology that a driver can get up close and personal with is found in the stunning cabin.

The Lexus NX is a compact SUV, but the room inside defies notions of “compact.” There’s room to stretch and move, a definite highlight among a car of this calibre and class.

The deep red leather and black adorns the seats. A sports-like throttle and all leather steering wheel for the driver gets the NX down to business. A flip-up control panel perches right up top of the dash, that grants access to a reversing camera, 360 degree panoramic view monitor, blind spot monitors and a rear cross traffic alert system. There’s a touchpad controller and an Australian first embedded wireless charging tray.

Lexus NX

Lexus NX

The Lexus NX will prove one of the finest choices for drivers interested in the Compact SUV format, but are turned off by sacrifices brands make catering to a budget conscious consumer. If you have been looking for the ultimate compact SUV that makes no compromises on style, power and performance, the upcoming Lexus NX series might just end your search.

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