Know Whether Your State Belongs to the Worst Drivers List for 2014

Road accidents are almost inevitable. No matter how careful you might think you are as a driver, there are motorists who will deliberately cut you off and force you to slam on the brakes, causing you to kiss the bumper of another vehicle. This can be very stressful, not to mention expensive. So find out whether you belong to a state with the worst drivers.

Here is a list of the states with the worst drivers according to these categories:

– Fatalities Rate (per 100 million vehicle miles traveled)

– Failure to Obey (road laws)

– Drunk Driving

– Speeding

– Careless Driving


#10 Missouri

They made it to 7th place last year, so the state made conscious efforts to improve with regards to obeying laws, as well as reducing drunk driving and speeding incidents.

#9 Oklahoma

Despite having ranked outside the top 10 for worst drivers in 2013, Oklahoma drivers bagged the first spot in the Failure to Obey category this year and 32nd in Fatalities Rate.

#8 Hawaii

Hawaii drivers got better at obeying road rules, but ranked first for Speeding. Another common problem among motorists in the state is careless driving.


#6 Nevada and Louisiana

The two states tied in the 6th spot. Nevada have always ranked near the bottom 10, but 2014 is the year they sank lowest due to the fact that they are among the 15 worst states in four out of five categories: Drunk Driving, Failure to Obey, Careless Driving and Speeding.

Meanwhile, Louisiana is no longer the worst drivers in the country. The main reason for this improvement is they have improved in the Drunk Driving category. But they belonged to the 10 worst states in three categories: Failure to Obey, Careless Driving and Fatalities Rate.

#5 Delaware

Their ranking in three categories – Drunk Driving, Careless Driving and Speeding – got them in the 10 worst states list. Aside from that, Delaware drivers have ranked low in both Failure to Obey and Drunk Driving.

#4 North Dakota

The state ranked low in three categories: Failure to Obey, Drunk Driving and Fatalities Rate, which overshadowed the fact that they ranked 41st in the Careless Driving category.

#3 Texas

Finished worse than last year in categories Fatalities Rate and Careless Driving, the state bagged the number four spot. Although there were attempts of improvement in terms of Failure to Obey and Drunk Driving, those were not enough to keep them out of the top three.

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#1 South Carolina and Montana

Both states finished with a score of 60, a staggering 148 points behind other states. South Carolina ranked 1st in Fatalities Rate, 8th in Drunk Driving and 5th in Careless Driving. But they scored 8 points better in Failure to Obey than the last survey.

Montana, on the other hand, has the lowest occurrence of Careless Driving, but they still got into the 10 worst states in the remaining categories. Plus, they maintained the number one spot for Drunk Driving.

If you live in one of these states, be sure to practice extra caution when driving down highways.

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