Keeping Your Car Roadworthy This Spring 2016

In winter, cars suffer considerable amounts of wear and tear, thanks to slippery roads and extreme cold. This is why it’s wise to make it a point to do a bit of “spring cleaning” for your ride before the season ends. This will not only ensure it lasts longer, but also keep it and yourself safe on the road. Plus, a car that’s properly maintained is definitely cheaper to run and more expensive when you decide to sell it in the future.

Here are some of the most important car care tips to prepare for spring.

Make sure tire pressure is set to the specified level.

But first, you need to change your winter tires to the original rubbers. This is because the summer heat can cause unnecessary damage to the tires. Once the temperature starts to rise, your tires could expand and then burst should it get big enough. Not only that, tires that are not properly inflated can hugely impact the vehicle’s handling power. So, be sure to not over- or under-inflate tires, especially when you’re going on a long trip.

tire pressure

Trust only a mechanic to inspect under the hood.

Unless you are really equipped with working on an automobile, it’s best to entrust this job to an expert. After all, the money you’re going to pay for damages of a botched job could be more damaging to your pockets.


Wash and wax inside and out.

Road salt, dust and grime could damage your cars paint job, upholstery and the like. If you don’t have time or energy to clean your sedan or convertible properly, it’s best to take it to a car wash. Be sure to put in as much effort in cleaning what’s under the hood. Then, complete the car maintenance routine with a car wax to seal in the paint and keep your Toyota, Honda or BMW in fantastic shape. Do make this spring cleaning a routine to ensure you’ll be able to maximize your vehicle’s service life.


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