Is the Ford Mondeo the Best Family Car?

When it comes to family cars, the Ford Mondeo is in a class of its own. It offers reasonable fuel economy, superb handling and refinement, and ample space for all members of the family. The cost may seem a bit high, ranging from £15,995 – £28,255, but the benefits of owning a Ford Mondeo available at Bristol Street Motors make it well worth the price. The Mondeo is also a highly reliable car which makes up for the fact that residual values are somewhat below average. One of the Mondeo’s most impressive qualities is safety, an important factor in any car but especially a family vehicle. Safety plays a big role in the overall design of the car and electronic stability control and seven airbags come standard in all models.

Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeo

Another impressive quality the Mondeo has is the space inside. Both the front and the back are quite roomy, and the boot has a large luggage capacity. The sheer size of the car may lead to some problems. For example, the windows are high, which could lead to decreased visibility for the driver and for very young passengers. Also, some drivers may find the sheer size of the car to be intimidating or excessive.

The Ford Mondeo handles extremely well and there is no major annoyance caused by road noise and wind noise. Despite the Mondeo’s agility, impressive for a car of its size, the size means that it is better suited to driving on the motorway than in the city.

One of the most popular family cars after the Ford Mondeo is the Volkswagen Passat Saloon. These two cars share many characteristics in terms of safety and interior space. However, the Mondeo offers a more comfortable ride overall as the Passat can be a bit bumpy. Superior refinement and power ultimately give the Mondeo the edge over the Passat. The Volkswagen Passat does have higher residual values the the Ford Mondeo, but the initial cost of the Volkswagen may be higher, between £20,005 and £25,730.

With its top ratings in safety, handling, reliability and comfort, the Ford Mondeo is the best car to choose when looking for a new family vehicle that everyone can enjoy. It is always important to keep in mind that a car needs to be well maintained in order to hit its full capabilities. This means you must take good car and make sure the car has an annual car service available at Bristol Street Motors Newcastle.

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