Insurance 101: Can you get car insurance quotes in advance?

Car insurance cover can vary wildly – but, in the UK, a feature all policies share is that the cover will be valid for either 6 or 12 months and, after that, need to be renewed or cancelled. With the great range of insurance companies in the UK, it is always possible to change companies – in which case, you as the customer would cancel your existing insurance policy early.

However, if you remain with the same company, they have the right to examine your history and adjust their process as they see fit, meaning that there is often an increase in price. Once they send the new quote, you will have to choose either to pay that rate or change to another provider.

If you fail to renew, you could be fined for driving without a licence, which is a serious offence and can even see your vehicle confiscated.

How do you fail to renew and how far can prices go up?

Providers need to give 30 days’ notice of the end of your contract. However, as the application can take a few days to process, it is imperative that you have sorted your decision to stay or change at least four days before the policy expires if you are going to drive immediately after.

Companies can increase the price of your premium dramatically in the last days before the policy terminates – by almost £300 more than the premium would be otherwise. To combat this, it is necessary to ask: can you get car insurance quotes in advance?

The good news is that you can start the process of renewing right after your provider gives the option, meaning it is possible to renew by three weeks before the policy expires. This fast movement can drive the yearly insurance price down a great deal and leads to average savings of £284.

This saving can have even greater effects for younger drivers aged 21 to 24, who traditionally have higher premiums due to the expectation they will be less safe on the roads. This group can save up to £300 a year by renewing a few weeks early – as, if people in this category wait until nearer the expiry date to renew, their premiums shoot up the highest.

This shows the remarkable difference that staying on top of your car insurance can have. While getting your quote in advance is possible, it is vital to remember that four weeks is the earliest your current provider can provide it to you. Therefore, three weeks is the earliest you can expect to have a well-planned renewal decision turned around.

Looking around

Call Wiser allows you to get a quote for what your car insurance could cost from the most competitive providers on the market, separately to the figure you will be quoted by your provider.

If you check your quote on Call Wiser before the quote comes from your current provider, you will know how to proceed with it. To ensure you find the absolute best deal, always shop around to ensure that you have as much knowledge available as possible before researching further.


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