Hyundai’s Semi-Autonomous Equus to Hit Markets This Year

Owners of Hyundai’s latest Equus will be able to sit down, enjoy a relaxing drive and simply allow the semi-autonomous car do the driving down the highway. The Korean car manufacturer will release its latest Equus complete with all the self-driving features required for a partially automated driving experience.

The said self-driving attributes programs the Equus to stay in its designated lane, slow down or speed up to prevent accidents. This makes the semi-autonomous vehicle a much safer and definitely much easier machine to handle. In addition, Hyundai will launch a host of other functions integrated into the Equus such as traffic jam assistance.


There is no exact date when Hyundai will launch the self-driving technology, but reports say it should be within the year. The company said the new car features are targeted for city driving where self-driving is feasible and slower speeds are ideal. At a briefing during the Seoul Motor Show this month, company officials revealed that the new Equus is designed for South Korean and American markets.

Company officials have yet to announce the introductory price of the Equus, but reports said it should be between $61,500 to $68,750 range, which are the normal prices for Hyundai’s current models.


According to reports, Hyundai is focusing on designing and mass-producing partially autonomous or partially self-driving vehicles for now, giving drivers the option when to take control and when to hand the control over to the car’s programmed features. Apart from Hyundai, other firms like Apple and Google are also designing driverless cars.

Nevertheless, Hyundai said it will further develop its ultra-precise, vehicle-to-vehicle sensors and vehicle communication systems for upcoming car models. It hopes to come up with a completely autonomous car design in the near future. The company’s affiliate, Kia, presented a car with self-parking features and in-car entertainment and navigation systems during the recent Seoul Motor Show.


Hyundai had announced earlier an investment of $1.8 billion in its self-driving technologies. But the company said current laws and roads are not ready for driverless cars. Much capital is needed to reform infrastructures and road policies in order to facilitate the mass use of autonomous vehicles.

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