How You Can Find the Car You Really Want

Finding a car can be quite a headache at times because like with any big investment, you want to make sure you make the right choice. Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula that can just materialise the perfect car for you, but there are certain methods you can adopt to help you in your search.

So, if you are looking for your next car but are maybe unsure how to go about this, what follows are a few methods for you to try that could see you end up with your dream vehicle.

Learn how to Negotiate

One of the biggest problems many of us face is an inability to negotiate with dealerships. This is particularly relevant if you’re shopping in the used markets, where you may want a certain car but aren’t willing to pay the forecourt price. To help combat this, here are some steps you can take:

  • Research the current market prices (the lower ones especially) for that particular make and model – this knowledge can be your bargaining chip.
  • Speak to the dealer in a confident, yet polite, manner.
  • Don’t talk money until they do, and refer back to your research when price eventually does come into the equation.
  • If they won’t budge on price, try to get them to throw in a warranty of a service as a part of the deal. At least this way you know you preferred car is in safe working order.

    The car you want

    The car you want

Organise Your Finances

For those of you who have your heart set on a new car, you need to take your financial situation into consideration first. There’s the option to take out a loan to secure a down-payment on your chosen car, however before you do, it might be worth speaking to a financial expert to organise a suitable repayment plan.

Car for Hire?

Alternatively, a great way to secure a new car, without the hassle of having to negotiate or incur a large deposit payment, is to hire your vehicle from a specialist firm like Select Contracts. These companies can provide you with a brand new car of your choice that you pay to hire from them over a contractually agreed, fixed monthly payment plan. What’s even better about this is you don’t have to worry about expenses like road tax and other maintenance costs, as these can be taken care of as part of your deal.

So there you have it, give some of these options a try and ensure your next car is the one you really want.

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