How to stay focused and safe on the road

Whether you’ve been driving for years or you’re new to the road, there are many distractions inside and outside the car that can affect your reaction time. To ensure you arrive at your destination safely, it’s important that you pay attention to the road when driving and remain focused on getting from A to B without being distracted.

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Keep reading for some handy tips on how to stay focused and safe on the road.

Stay focused and alert

When you’re behind the wheel, always remember that your actions can have serious consequences. Don’t let your concentration slip – pay attention to the drivers around you because not everybody on the road will be driving as sensibly as they should. If you have a long drive planned, ensure you get plenty of rest the night before so that your energy levels stay high throughout the journey.

Follow the rules of the road

With so many signs and instructions on the roads, it can be tempting to dismiss them especially if the road doesn’t seem as busy. But they’re there to keep everyone safe, so don’t ignore them. Pay full attention to traffic signals and when it comes to traffic lights, don’t speed up when it changes to amber – it’s a reminder to slow down. Obey the speed limit of the road, especially when driving through built-up areas.

Put your mobile phone away

Mobile phones are one of the biggest distractions for UK drivers. With notifications for practically everything, your phone is likely to be going off constantly. Simply put it away, out of sight and reach, so that you can pay full attention to the road. If you need to make an emergency call, make sure you pull over somewhere safe and turn the engine off before doing so.

Ensure your pets are secure

Unrestrained pets can be distracting for the driver, especially if the pet is curious or anxious in the car and pacing around seeking comfort from the owner. If the owner is petting the animal, then they’re not giving their full attention to the road. If you are travelling with a pet, make sure they are secured safely with a pet seatbelt, or in a pet car seat or crate.

Know where you are going

If you’re driving somewhere that’s unfamiliar to you, try to plan an easy route so you have some idea of where you are heading. Worrying about the route can cause you to become distracted and if you happen to get lost you’re not going to be as alert to other things happening around you. Avoid using your phone for directions and if required, use a Sat Nav to help you reach your destination.

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