How to Extend the Life of Your Electric Car

Part of owning a car is maintaining it and keeping it in tip-top shape. But that shouldn’t be much of a problem if your ride runs on electricity, because unlike those vehicles with internal combustion engines with a dozen or more working parts, electric car motors are designed with very simplistic design. There’s just not that much working parts in an electric car motor that can wear out. And when it does, it will be relatively simple to replace. This means that maintaining an electric car will cost only about one-third of the cost of maintaining a gas-powered car.

Of course, this is not to say that there are no other wear-and-tear issues in electric car that won’t charge as much as a gas-driven car. Wait until the battery begins to wear, and you’ll surely faint when see the bill. So, if there’s one part of your ride you should pay attention the most, it would be the electric battery. However, it’s always possible other parts begin to fail too, in which case you can always upgrade them at places like Jennings Genuine Parts Shop. Keeping all the parts of your car in good condition is the key to extending its life.


Unplug right away when the battery reaches a 100% state of charge.

Daily charging to 100% is stressful to your battery, much worse if you leave it sitting at a maximum state of charge for longer than 8 hours. Doing so can affect the battery’s working life.

Keep your battery from becoming completely discharged.

Conversely, leaving your car’s battery empty for an extended period of time may also negatively affect its life. So make sure to plug in and charge your ride whenever you can. If possible, don’t leave at under 30% state of charge.


Be wary of extreme temperature conditions.

Too hot and too cold can ruin your battery. For lithium-ion electric car battery pack, the ideal temperature is between 20F – 85F. Extreme heat may increase a battery’ degradation, while extreme cold may lower its discharge capacity.


Avoid DC quick charging if possible.

DC fast charging can dump 70 miles of range into your electric car in just a few hours. However, your battery pays the price for this convenience. Using fast charging regularly will decrease your battery pack’s capacity by about one percent per year.

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