How Motability Scheme helps disabled people enjoy their freedom.

The Motability scheme exists to give disabled people the means to get on the road and enjoy freedom.

Without the Motability scheme, many disabled people would not be able to travel, and it would seriously disrupt their lives. The Motability scheme is fantastic because it’s an affordable and convenient way for disabled motorists to enjoy the practicality and thrills of a brand new vehicle. The Motability scheme works like this – disabled persons can exchange their Government funded mobility allowance for the lease of a new car, scooter, powered wheelchair, or other vehicle. The Motability scheme also commonly includes insurance, servicing, maintenance, and breakdown assistance.

Motability Scheme helps disabled people

It is more than just about getting people on the roads then – the Motability scheme is about benefiting a person’s life and giving them the freedom to do as they wish.

With worry free motoring the Motability scheme is arguably more relaxing than the experience a regular motorist will have. On average, repayments are lower and because money comes out of the Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance payments are easy too. The financial freedom the Motability scheme offers is great, but this is dwarfed by the freedom a new vehicle will offer the user.

For disabled motorists who have never had the luxury of a brand new car before, the Motability scheme is likely to be a dream come true. With no deposit on most vehicles, people can walk into a Motability scheme dealership and walk out with the receipt for a car.

Often, they can be on the roads within two weeks.

It isn’t just the disabled owner who benefits from the car, though. There can be named drivers on an insurance policy which means the vehicle can be used by any family member with a full drivers license.

Bristol Street Versa believe the Motability scheme represents a fantastic opportunity for disabled motorists “There is nothing else like it.” says [REPRESENTATIVE] “The Motability scheme has helped tens of thousands of disabled people get on the roads into a vehicle that is designed for them. Ultimately, the scheme offers the customer freedom, which is priceless.”

As well as those words on the Motability scheme, Bristol Street had some vehicle recommendations “If you are looking for a premium wheelchair accessible vehicle, the Mercedes-Benz Vito is a fantastic option to consider. The Fiat Doblo is also a top choice among our customers.”

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