Go green with hybrid cars

Move Green! The idea of the hybrid car can still surprise us. However, the technology that we once gazed upon in the future has been on the streets already and by adopting it we will be able to drive environmentally friendly.

We hear many things about hybrid cars, but only a few of us really know what it is, let alone have realised the need to get one. The reason is simple: the environment. Hybrid cars are marking a transition from conventional to 100 % electric cars (that equals to zero emission of pollutants). Electric cars are currently on the roads, some of them with limited capabilities though, ie without offering the same services like a conventional one. However, that is not always the case, as there are many excellent models in the market, like the hybrid cars from BMW that can compete in equal terms with any conventional model. The thing is that with a hybrid car we can move comfortably and keep the planet cleaner.


Who is who

Conventional car. It moves with petrol or diesel. It has a reservoir which can be filled with 40 to 50 litres of fuel, depending on the type of car, and can travel 250 to 375 miles.

Hybrid car. It has the potential of conventional, ie we can fill the tank with fuel and travel for 500-600 km. At the same time, however, it has an electric motor which operates in phases of movement by not requiring all the power of the gasoline engine. So the gasoline engine is the main engine of the hybrid, but in slow motion phases the motor engine is in charge. All this even happens automatically, without the driver doing absolutely nothing. A car with very low emissions and very low levels of greenhouse gases.

Electric car. It does not have any petrol or diesel engine. Also called a city car because the mileage it can do is limited (up to 100). The electric is useful when commuting, but when you get home in the evening you should have a private space (garage) to charge it. Such restrictions, however, make it difficult for most people to own.

Hybrid vs. conventional

The expenses of the hybrid car are ¼ of those of a conventional one. If, for example, petrol costs you a specific amount of money, the hybrid’s cost will be ¼ of it. Moreover, its maintenance is not such a task since its mechanism is much simpler (the electric motor is a simple machine). Finally, its most important feature by far is the significantly less emissions.

Hybrid vs. Electric

The hybrid car compared to the electric one has no restrictions in the distance traveled. It covers all your needs and the next generations of hybrid will even allow the first 35-45 miles of motion to be purely electric, a development expected in 2-3 years. The same evolution is expected in terms of power since from the 100 km top speed we can move up to 200 km a year from now.

Let’s talk about the price

The main problem market of a hybrid car is the price. So if you’re wondering why spend more to buy it, here are a couple of really good reasons:
• Buying a hybrid car advocate evolution (Industries need incentives from the buying public to continue investing in new technologies).
• Reduced fuel consumption results not only in polluting less but over time you get the extra money spent back.
• You pay lower taxes.
According to surveys, by 2020, 40 % of cars worldwide will consist of new technology cars. Higher penetration rates are expected in 2030, so it is estimated that the percentage will reach 80 %.

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