Get Better Mileage This Season by Spring Cleaning Your Car

Every spring, we make it a point to clean our house and make it more comfortable. This is what we should also do with our cars. After all, maintenance is the key to having a roadworthy vehicle. So, if you’re up for the challenge of spring cleaning your sweet ride, here are some tips you can follow:

Take the trash with you on your way out.

This is especially true if your vehicle has been beaten during winter. Start by taking out all the junk you’ve kept in your car since the start of the cold season. Then, place a garbage bag or box handy inside your automobile for future use.

Vacuum the interiors.


You want to thoroughly clean your car, so get under and beside the seats when you vacuum the inside of your vehicle. Pull out the floor mats as well to ensure no dust is left on the floor. You can push out dirt on the creases with a rigid tool like a screwdriver.

Scrub the insides.

Again, you want to make your car’s interiors clean and bright, which is why you need to scrub the carpet and upholstery. Use a spray for cleaning and then, wipe down. Make sure you scrub the carpet well as this is where dust mites and other allergens hide.

Wash floor mats properly.


Use a power-wash machine to thoroughly get rid of dirt and mud on the floor mats. After washing, make sure to let the mats dry up first to avoid mold growth in your car.

Swap the tires.

If you live in an area where it’s necessary to switch to winter tires, it’s important to change your tires back with the regular ones. Do this to ensure your winter rubber will last long, not suffer from excess wear.

Wash the exterior.

Once you’ve made sure the inside of your BMW or Honda is clean, it’s now time to wash the exterior. This is especially true for your windshield. Use a good car-window cleaning agent and then wipe it with an anti-fogging solution.

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