Get a 2016 Ford Explorer To Rid of Parking Problems

be an extension of oneself, a form of expression and very practical mode of transportation. Some vehicles, however, have really impressive features that you can’t help but feel giddy just thinking about getting your hands on it. This is exactly what the 2016 Ford Explorer can invoke.

What is there to drool about?

The base model features the following:


  • 3.5L V6 engine

  • Automatic transmission

  • Bluetooth

  • Navigation System

  • Side/Curtain Airbags

  • Stability Control

  • Third row seats

  • Traction Control

Redesigned to meet consumer demands, the vehicle will have subtle exterior changes and possible upgrades on its powertrain and chassis. As it is now lighter, expect better fuel economy and improved handling. When it comes to technology features, expect nothing but the best, starting with the aerodynamic feature that reduces drag at highway speeds.


But what really makes the 2016 Ford Explorer a very convenient and practical choice is its new driver aid tech that ensures ease in parking and un-parking a car. The model has front and rear cameras with wide-angle lenses, complete with spray washers that guarantee a clear view even with dust or snow. Using the automatic park assist system, you can park it with just a touch of a button. You take care of the accelerator and brake, while the electric power steering will guide the SUV in its designated parking space. A semi-automatic parallel park assist will help with the parallel and perpendicular parking. With parking as one of the most time-consuming tasks involved when driving, the driver aid tech can definitely make a great difference.

It may not be what you’d consider a vehicle that has a mind of its own, but close enough. With the hassle of parking your car minimized to a certain degree, it is only logical that your next car is the 2016 Ford Explorer.


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