Not that you particularly need encouraging; if you’ve got the scent of a sports car in your nostrils, there’s very little that can deter you.

Are You a Top Gear Fan?

We all suffer from jealousy from time to time; if you’re a big Top Gear fan maybe you’re tired of enjoying all the new models vicariously, or maybe the latest F-type review has whetted your appetite and your eager to get behind the wheel instead of getting in front of the TV.

The Thrill of the Chase

If you know a lot about cars, buying a sports car is a challenging and enjoyable opportunity to put that knowledge to the test. The whole process of researching will not only allow you to use what you know, but you’ll undoubtedly learn a lot more along the way. Talking to a sports car dealer, taking the car for a test drive, assessing which one is right for you; each stage will allow you to utilise your research and challenge you further to learn more. Getting a good deal is also part of the hunt!

Sport car

Sport car

Enhance Your Holiday

Putting around the countryside is all well and good if you’re in a golf buggy, but if you’re on the road you might want something with a little extra oomph. Cruising in a convertable in beautiful weather is a glamorous delight. Driving a sports car is not only exciting, but you can depend on it not to give out under duress on long drives in difficult conditions. Stamina, safety, and a thrill to boot.

Chase Those Mid-life Blues Away

Thinning and fattening in all the wrong places? Buying a sports car can give a kick to those flagging testosterone levels, and put a spring in your step. Everybody knows that a nice car is a chick magnet, but it’s also a dude magnet; every time you park your car you’ll undoubtedly return to find another car buff studying it, dying to ask you questions. It’s a good way to make friends!

Education Has Never Been Such Fun

If you’re a car buff, or perhaps if your child is growing into one as well, one of the best ways to enhance your appreciation of a car is by being able to pop the bonnet and study one. A sports car, particularly one straight off the production line, is a perfect example of technical and mechanical prowess. It’ll be a pleasant change to trying to peek into an engine where everything is covered in crusty mounds of grease! Teaching your kids about the intricacies of how cars work is an excellent way not only to spark their interest in mechanics, but also to give them an appreciation of the responsibility that comes with a powerful machine, and the necessary caution and safety required when you own and drive one.

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