Five Common Injuries from Car Accidents

Driving can be dangerous and a great deal of car injuries are caused, not by the condition of the roads, poor vision, bad weather or loss of control, but by other drivers simply not paying attention to other vehicles around them.

Loss of concentration is by far the biggest danger on the roads today and has been responsible for the lion’s share of car-related injuries – but just what injuries are the most common on British roads?


1. Brain and head injuries

These are most commonly caused by slight or excessive trauma from hitting the head on objects such as the steering wheel, window, or by the shock of an airbag. Whilst damage may not be initially visible, a TBI (traumatic brain injury) can take a few hours to develop. Symptoms usually take the form of nausea, disorientation and dizziness.

2. Injuries to lower limbs

Feet, ankles, thighs and shins are at particular risk in a car accident. Injury to these parts of the body is usually a result of being rear-ended, or in several more serious scenarios, when the car’s front crumple zones are compacted around the limbs.

3. Neck injuries

One of the most common areas injured in car accidents is the neck and back. A sudden trauma to the neck and back area can result in dislodged vertebrae and often be extremely painful and very serious. A large amount of car accident claims are filed due to neck and back damage, as it often only takes a small impact to cause them.

4. Facial injuries

A lot more serious are facial injuries caused by the impact of an object such as an airbag, steering wheel or windscreen. Facial injuries are a bit of an anomaly; while they may look serious, they are often a lot more easily identifiable than brain trauma. Any individual who has suffered facial injuries should be scanned for swelling or concussion to the brain as well.

5. Whiplash

Ranging from mild to severe cases, whiplash affects the neck and back region and is caused by any sudden jolting movement to the affected area. The condition can be extremely uncomfortable and is so prolific in the motor industry that it has been claimed to add as much as £90 to the average car insurance policy.

Dealing with car accidents

If you have been involved in a collision or accident that was not your fault, many companies such as Injury Lawyers 4U can help you make a car accident claim. They often operate on a no win no fee basis too, so you don’t have to worry about being hit with bills if your claim is not upheld favourably.


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