Ferraris: Are they worth the money?

If you ever won the Lottery or came into some money after a sound investment or receiving an inheritance from a distant relative, what would you spend it on? If you’ve come into money for the first time, you might dream of a fancy house, a holiday villa or a swish city-centre apartment, but the next item on your list might be a pricey supercar.

Ferraris are a good thing to have, especially if you want to flaunt your new-found wealth, but how affordable are they. This infographic from shows how much some of the best cars made by the Italian marque cost, and what they can offer in terms of performance. The LaFerrari, a £1m model, is top of the list, but might be rare to find.

Rarer still is the Ferrari Enzo, of which around 400 were made since it was first unveiled 11 years ago, but you might find it easier and cheaper to get the surprise second entry on the list. The 458 Italia ticks all the boxes, and is about a quarter the cost of an Enzo. Also, being a convertible, it should be great to drive through the country in summer.

Ferrari infographic

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