Driving Habits That Will Help You Significantly Reduce Car Crashes

In a country where many people from teenagers to seniors own a vehicle, it’s wise to keep your cool on the road. Car crashes are one of the killers of people these days, and thus, it’s important that you take extra precautions just to be safe. It doesn’t matter if the things you do are redundant as long as you can be sure that you get to your destination alive.

Do you still practice these driving habits that are most often forgotten by many drivers?

Looking left and right… a couple of times.

At a stop sign before crossing an intersection or making a turn, it’s natural for us to look left and right. But many drivers don’t make it a habit to look on the sides again once they move their car to cross or turn. It’s important because while your vehicle was stopping, you may have not seen the incoming car that was visually blocked by your windshield’s frame when you looked the first time.


Driving carefully… near trucks.

Some drivers tend to overtake trucks along highways and even make an effort to race against them. Don’t be one of those reckless drivers. Be extra careful when these massive vehicles are sharing the road with you even if you have the right of way. Keep in mind that when things go wrong, your vehicle can get smashed by the truck; thus, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Being patient… once the green light is on.

Don’t be one of the drivers who rush to cross an intersection once the green light is on. For one, there could still be cars beating the red light on the intersecting lane and there could still be incoming vehicles moving under the yellow light. Also, keep an eye on vehicles with a tow behind them. Don’t be too excited to drive your car across the road, not realizing that the car you’re waiting to pass by actually has another vehicle or a trailer behind it.


We read a lot of articles on tips and tricks to avoid car accidents. But most often, it’s the most common ones that we tend to forget. Sometimes, being a careful driver all starts in practicing good driving habits.

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