Driving habits in the UK – revealed

With millions across the country on the road every day, it’s no wonder that most of us tend to have some driving issues that can lead us to feel more than a little peeved. Whether it’s assumptions about age, other driver’s bad habits or even the colour of a car, most of us have something to say, or a story about a bad experience.

Sometimes it can feel as though we’re the only driver on the road that cares about these things. Thankfully we’re not alone, as revealed by a recent survey by Truck Locator into the UK’s driving habits.

Phone Driving

Phone Driving

Nothing but a number

In day to day life, most of us wouldn’t admit to judging someone based upon their age. However, once we’re behind the wheel, old assumptions and stereotypes can run rife, whether it’s down to how much we trust the driver or what we assume their driving will be like.

The most trusted age group at 44-60 with almost half of those surveyed saying that they feel comfortable on the road with that group, thanks to their assumed experience and patience on the road.

Only 9% of people trust those aged 17-25 with the assumption they will be inexperienced, with trust growing slightly for the next group up, the 26-34 year-olds. Unfortunately for those a little older, trust drops right off for the oldest group of 61 and over, though surprisingly only 7% of those surveyed within that group trust their peers of the same age on the road!

First impressions

We may suggest that we don’t judge people based on their appearances, and this may be true of day-to-day life, but we sure do judge when behind the wheel! Even when it comes to car colour people make assumptions, with silver being the most trusted colour and red being the least!

Bumper stickers also have a massive influence over who we trust behind the wheel – while some people like to use them to entertain the driver behind them; it seems that the vast majority of us can’t stand them!

The vast majority of people believe that a Tasmanian devil car sticker denotes a bad driver who is likely to be erratic – much like the character itself! Meanwhile most people also distrusted those with a ‘My Other Car’s a Porsche’ sticker and would keep well away from ‘Babe on Board’.

Obvious modifications also left some drivers nervous as they firmly believe they were the sign of a reckless driver. Those with a modified exhaust were the least trusted, while tinted windows and a lowered vehicle made the driver seem irresponsible.

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