Cool Discontinued Cars that Should Make a Comeback

The world of automotive is literally littered with awesome cars, from the first models to today’s slick new rides. Those were the cars that have been collected and treasured by many people, but were, at some point and for some reason, discontinued. Those vehicles met an untimely end, but definitely deserved a second chance. Here are some of the coolest but discontinued models that need to or have already made a sweet comeback.

Ford Ranger

ford ranger

After years, the popularity of midsize trucks is making waves again, which was contributed by the success of the GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado. But for a long time, Ford’s iconic Ranger was out of the picture. But because of its no-frills interior, impressive hauling capability and rugged simplicity, many people are looking forward to the comeback of the Ranger.

Full-Sized Ford Performance Car

Lincoln Continental Concept

The Chevrolet SS is the best when it comes to performance. It is the epitome of cars not needing to have only two doors, thanks to its full size figure and 415 horsepower. However, the Chevy SS didn’t have much success in its sales. Thankfully, Ford has a new full-size on the way for the new Lincoln Continental.

Mazda RX-7

This classic didn’t get the appreciation it deserves when it was first introduced in 1995. This twin-turbo rotary-powered Mazda became a desirable sports car during that time though. It successor the 2004-2012 RX-8 also had a few winning moments. But its reliability issues caused it to land in the used-car market. Despite that, many car enthusiasts would love to see the RX-7 be popular again.

Honda S2000


The smaller, two-seater car market was dominated by the Mazda Miata for some time, but the Honda S2000 had its fair share as well. This model featured a 2.0-liter inline-four with 240 horsepower. Experts believe that the Honda S2000 puts out more horsepower per liter than other engine on the planet.

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