Common Mistakes Most First-Time Car Owners Make

Owning your first ever car is definitely one of the most exciting events in your life. In fact, it doesn’t matter if it’s a cheap second-hand clunker as long as you’re finally driving one. Now, all that excitement can sometimes lead you to make a few wrong choices. Here are some of the common mistakes first-time car owners make:

Installing a brand new stereo, but not the speakers.

This is what a lot of teenagers do with their very first cars. Of course, nothing spells cool better than driving on a freeway with your sound system blasting off other motorists’ eardrums. Your new car stereo might make your car’s audio sound much better than what it originally came in with, but after some time, your speakers are going to blow because they were not designed for such powerful equipment.


Driving off immediately after starting your car.

There’s a pretty logical explanation as to why mechanics and car experts advice to let the engine warm up first before driving off. Hitting high RPMs with cold oil and on a cold engine is a one-way ticket to your car’s early demise or staggering repair costs.

Washing your car with dishwashing liquid or detergent.


There’s no point waxing your precious ride if you’ve used a non-recommended product to wash it with. Why? Detergent and dishwashing liquid will dry out your car’s paintjob. Eventually, your car’s going to look like a person who didn’t have his entire body tanned at a tanning salon.

Showing off.

So you’re the first one in your high school circle to have a car. You take your friends out for a spin to brag about a new trick you’ve just learned. Then, after uttering the words “watch this,” you missed a shift or didn’t see the stop sign. There’s no way showing off will do you any good.

 Neglecting routine maintenance.

car maintenance

Secondhand cars are more prone to wear and tear. That’s why you need to take it to a shop for maintenance and repair. Otherwise, you can count on your vehicle breaking down on you anytime soon.

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