What Do You Know about Electric Cars?

Posted on Jan 15, 2015 in Car News, Electric Cars | 0 comments

Sure, you know that electric cars are well, powered by electricity. But other than that, there is much about these futuristic...

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How Smart is A Smart Electric Drive?

Posted on Jan 8, 2015 in Car News, Car Reviews, Electric Cars | 0 comments

Smart cars have indeed turned at least a part of the world into something more innovative and eco-friendly. This kind of “ultra-urban...

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Cost Efficient Cars That Will Save You Up To 20% Off Your Petrol Bill

Posted on Dec 23, 2014 in Car News, Car Compare, Electric Cars | 0 comments

With everyone’s pockets getting tighter all the time and the cost of motoring soaring, saving money without compromising on your...

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How Bad Is the Threat of Hacking in Smart Cars?

Posted on Oct 23, 2014 in Car News, Electric Cars | 0 comments

With new cars relying more and more on computers and the internet, they’re also beginning to adopt the vulnerabilities associated with...

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British Electric Car Sales Experience a Surge This 2014

Posted on Oct 9, 2014 in Car News, Electric Cars | 0 comments

With the continued campaigns from both private and public sectors for green movement, car manufacturers are doing their best to come up...

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Volvo reveals more details on the new XC90 and SPA platform

Posted on Aug 12, 2014 in Car News, Electric Cars, New Cars | 0 comments

Two weeks left until we see the new Volvo XC90, but we have the first external image of the final model. It is distinguished by its daytime...

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