Car Stereos: Can You Hear ‘Em Just Right?

Can you imagine driving all night with silence for company? It’s not a very appealing idea, and you would probably doze off after a few minutes of driving. This only shows how important a car stereo is to drivers. But with all the mean stereos out there, choosing the one that will satisfy your needs might be challenging. Take out the guesswork by doing the following:

Make sure it has the audio source that you want

Do you prefer to listen to the radio more, or enjoy your collection of CDs instead? Most stereos today have both, complete with a better A/V receiver and USB port. Some equipment is flashier than others, but might come in bulkier, bigger size. If you want it slim and simple, choose one that has the right audio source for you.


See if it will work with your phone or apps

It would be such a waste if you can’t use fancy music apps while you’re on the road. So be sure to check if the car stereo you’re eyeing on has this nifty feature. If it’s compatible with your smartphone, you can choose to ditch the CDs and clear your glove compartment in the process.


Check for GPS and navigation features

These days, most devices can do more and beyond their primary function. The same thing is true with car stereos. Aside from playing great music, it can be equipped with a GPS navigation system that gives you updates on traffic situations. This would come really handy if you’re in a hurry or want to avoid congested roads.


Some of the stereos that have these features and more include the Pioneer AVIC-Z130BT, Sony MEX-GS600BT and Alpine CDE-141. With these devices to keep you company, driving all day and night would be anything but boring. Don’t forget to connect it with some really mean speakers.

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