Car Mods That Are Crazy as Can Be

As far as car modification goes, crazy is the new normal. After all, it is the one opportunity for owners to do something great or outrageous with their vehicles to showcase their personality.

The latest crazy mod belongs to Maria Mugno, who covered her entire car with hair. It must have something to do with her profession as a hairstylist, having access to all that cut hair. Rather than throw them away, she had a great idea to use it as a car skin. Well, her ingenuity led her to something better, as she now holds the Guinness World Record for having the world’s hairiest ride. What is even better is that the car now fetches a whopping $96,000. Makes you wonder if she can handle the wind on all that car hair when she’s driving down the road.

However, Maria Mugno wasn’t the only person who had crazy mod ideas, although she’s probably the only one with a world record. There have been vehicle modifications in the past that are anything but normal or stylish.

 Car Covered In Hair

Japanese Batmobile

This is one Batmobile that Batman himself would want to hurl towards outer space, if he had Superman’s strength. This Toyota van from Japan is purple in color and has the wing-like features of a Batmobile, except that they’ve been exaggerated. This modified van is large and loud, but slow.


Talk about lost in translation. Instead of turning a VW to look like a beetle, the car owner made a turtle out of it. It’s artistic, you have to give him that, but it can be a bit insulting, considering the speed of a Volkswagen. But what if, just what if, this particular VW is slow as a turtle?


Xbox Kit

Can’t live without your Xbox? The Xbox modification kit lets you show off your reputation as a serious gamer, as it transforms the inside of a car into your own game room, complete with controllers, LEDs and in-dash replica of an Xbox 360. What more can you ask for?


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