British Electric Car Sales Experience a Surge This 2014

With the continued campaigns from both private and public sectors for green movement, car manufacturers are doing their best to come up with vehicles that move with the changing times. Thus, you can find numerous electric or hybrid automobiles in the market nowadays. In fact, you can read a few auto reviews online to give you a good idea.

In the United Kingdom alone, alternative-fuelled vehicles (AFVs) are now making large market shares among petrol and diesel vehicles. According to The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders’ (SMMT)latest statistics, 9,955 hybrid and electric cars were registered in September alone, which is a 56% increase this time last year. This is a 2.3% share in the total market in a month when a 5.6% increase was seen in its overall registrations, as compared to last year.


SMMT further reported that 37,842 AFVs were sold this year, which is more than 50% higher than last year’s sale. The market share has also grown to 1.9% this year from 1.4% in 2013. An SMMT spokesman said to BusinessGreen that the electric car market is continuously seeing an increase in sales due to the fact that more and more models are being introduced in the market. In fact, there are now over 20 vehicles to choose from this year, ranging from saloons to sports cars.


Another reason that the UK is now experiencing an increase in electric car demands is the increasing number of people who are now well aware of the benefits of vehicles with zero emissions. Additionally, government grants that take up to £5000 off the total price of a pure electric or plug-in hybrid car have been offered to the public. Since this scheme was launched in 2011, a total of 14,274 eligible green cars have been registered.


Although electric vehicles are somewhat more expensive than traditional automobiles, there are many plus points that you owners can take advantage of. Aside from being a “green alternative”, being low maintenance is another benefit that may not be available in petrol and diesel-powered rides. Because hybrid cars run on a battery, this makes it easy to repair. Besides that, you won’t need to replace a lot of parts in the long run, like the exhaust or clutch. Get more information about which hybrid car to buy next by checking out our review site.

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