Betting on who will win the Indy Car races

The Indy Car series represents the top level when it comes to American open wheel car racing, and thus each Indy Car season attracts considerable betting interest in America – even if awareness of it outside the States remains fairly limited at the moment. There is not a huge amount of difference between wagering on other forms of racing, as the sports bet sites use similar means – including driver and car performance, conditions and stats of each driver at each course – to determine the odds for each race. However beyond this there are several different types of bets you can place on Indy Car racing, with the two main kinds being straight and matchup bets. The most common type of bet placed is the straight bet, which simply involves picking the team or individual driver that you think will win the race and then finding the sports bet site offering the best odds on them.

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A matchup bet involves just two of the drivers taking part in any Indy Car race, with the gambler picking the driver or team he thinks will win this race between the two, winning money if he picks the right one. At the moment most sites do not have odds available for the potential winner of the 2013 Indy Car season, but the betting on it is likely to be fierce once they are.

Of course it represents a real challenge to those not from the U.S., because knowledge and coverage of the Indy Car Series is pretty scarce in other countries, and thus they may prefer to play one of the several car racing online casino games like Race for Riches instead. A car racing game like this five reel video slot offers plenty of excitement, including the Street Racing bonus game, while also offering the chance to win a maximum jackpot of $5000. Of course the chances of you winning that much by playing it are relatively slim, but with wild symbols on the reels to help you, free spins feature and twenty five pay lines, you do have a healthy chance of winning something by giving it a spin.

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